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Oct 9, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, the number of french voters who would pick the far right national front if elections would have -- were held tomorrow. no surprise that the u.n.p. is tacking toward the national front. there are circumstances under which it would be ok to vote far right in a runoff election. it is not just france, bythe way. all of europe. we will see why in the france 24 debate. and we'll have our media watch segment. let's say hello once again to claire. >> shame on you, shout protesters as the head of the european commission and italy's prime minister visit lampedusa. a state funeral will be held for the victims of the boat disaster. egypt sets a trial date for mohamed morsi who has been held at a secret location since july. he faces charges of inciting murder and violence. france reveals the names of two more journalists held in syria. their families did not want their plight made public. first, it really is to hold a state funeral or the 300 african migrants who died last week when their boat sank off lampedusa. the announcement was made on a visit this wednesday alongside the head of the european commi
Oct 9, 2013 6:00pm PDT
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Oct 10, 2013 1:00am PDT
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Oct 14, 2013 5:30am PDT
for the far right scene as a taste of things to come in next yours national municipal election. those are the headlines this afternoon. take you for joining us on "france 24 pickup live from paris. democrats and republicans in the united states have continued their battle over the course of the week, and on the united states budget. time is running out to decide a new debt limit for public spending will stop if politicians fail to agree by thursday, the united states will not have enough money to pay its bills. that could result in a formal downgrading of the country's rated rating. bad news for the u.s. and the rest of the world. >> just three days left. if democrats and republicans cannot end the political stalemate i thursday, the united states will default on its debt. the head of the international monetary fund warned sunday of the consequences of the world's largest economy is unable to pay its bills. >> if there is that degree of disruption, that lack of certainty, that lack of trust in the u.s. signature, it would mean massive disruption the world over, and we would be at risk
Oct 12, 2013 9:30am PDT
's the final reaction before the general election. and bollywood divas pay tribute to a filmmaker on his 81st birthday anniversary. welcome back. you are watching "news week south asia." let's move on now. it's a litmus test and semifinal of sorts for india's main opposition party's prime minister candidate. analysts believe elections are slated to take place in 2014. it's a big test for the body, who challenges the incumbent's policies on all spheres. here's the report. india will hold five state elections in november and december, kicking off the contest that is expected to boost the profile. the poles set to begin on november 11 are seen as a runner-up for the national elections, which will be the world's biggest democratic exercise. most polls suggest popularity of economic growth at a time when india is suffering its worst slowdown in a decade. his party is trying to unseat the ruling party, which has been weakened by a string of corruption scandals, high inflation, and stuttering growth after nine years in power. however, it is counting on its record of support for the population, which
Oct 14, 2013 2:00am EDT
with somalia. the election was a welcome of a lyrical -- was "stop because of the support for the peace process and the leadership role of our regional partners notably the african union and the intergovernmental authority. on january 17, we formally recognize the federal government of somalia after two decades a transitional government. nonetheless, the u.s. government also understood very clearly that somalia would face considerable challenges as it worked to rebuild its statehood. the successes of the african union mission in somalia, contribute companies and strategic partners to combat al- shabaab are demonstrating the strength of an action -- african led a model. this-based al qaeda affiliate is a dangerous present. the terrorist attacks on the west gate shopping mall for which al-shabaab has taken credit is a chilling example of the challenges for somalia and the region. extremism inggests the corner of africa maybe he bought them. it also makes clear that al- shabaab poses a threat to u.s. partner nations and american citizens and u.s. interests in the region and elsewhere. al-shabaab m
Oct 11, 2013 6:00pm EDT
from the romney camp during the last election. a kind of denialism about saying that in fact the american people were supporting president obama. so much so that you remember on election night, there was genuine shock on the part of many republicans. >> no doubt. >> because they really honestly simply did not believe those data. and this is the same party that has been part of climate change, part of variety of denialisms where they actually look at data, look at evidence and say that's just not true. >> you know, congressman, when you ask who is to blame for the shutdown, the poll says 53% of republicans in congress. only 31% blame the president. but here's what two republican congressmen said when confronted with that poll about who is to blame. >> -- that republicans are taking the blame for this? >> well, we're trying to do the right thing. you know, we're trying not to be poll driven. >> -- the majority of the blame and the president is not? >> apparently in your mind, theres. >> no, there is. the poll. >> there's a lot of polls all the time. but we can't run the governm
Oct 8, 2013 5:00pm PDT
coming up. the supreme court takes on the case that may change future elections. suing to have limits on campaign donations removed. ahead. at the national mall, many are gathering at a rally in support of immigration reform. they -- demand momentum on a bill affecting millions of immigrants. we take you to the rally later in today's show. it is tuesday, october 8, 5:00 p.m. in washington, d.c. we begin with the supreme court, which is beginning its new term with a case that could further open the door to unlimited money in american elections. the cases mccutchen versus the federal elections commission, with mccutchen arguing that limits on how much an individual can spend in total donating to political campaigns every two years is a restriction on their first amendment rights to free speech. currently it is regulated how much money can be directly handed over to political candidates. every two years you can only give at most $2600 to anyone political candidate. you can only give that most $32,400 to anyone national party committee. limits also exist on aggregate contributions, limiti
Oct 9, 2013 12:00am EDT
, and the parties democratically elected as long as the president and it is something different, referenced as democratically elected. is it more of an appointment there by tribal elders? the president has been elected by the mp's, but how much legitimacy do we have going forward? >> to preference that there was some criticism a year or so ago that some of the slots were going for about $25,000 and there was some corruption alleged. can you talk about that and what would you miss me legitimacy we have going forward? >> there have definitely been challenges of corruption in somalia through the years. that includes the list of benchmarks in the new constitution over the next several years. and this is historically a great deal of factionalism within somalia that would be important with the inclusive dialogue over the next 36 months to find a way forward and that kind of participation in the solution, this is one of the best opportunities and that kind of planning will have to continue are you bringing regional entities and bring in a lot of the local governments that have been critical for ho
Oct 14, 2013 7:00pm PDT
party in the lead in next may's european election. first, and a letter to barack obama, nine american senators from both sides of the aisle have said they are open to suspending the implementation of new sanctions against iran if it suspends uranium enrichment. israel's prime minister says that easing pressure on iran over its nuclear program at this stage would be an historic mistake. the comments coming a day before western powers begin a fresh round of talks with tehran. the government has already rejected one of their key demands. >> uranium produced in iranian plants will not be shipped abroad for enrichment. the top nuclear negotiator in tehran said the move constituted a red line that iran would not cross. next we will not allow uranium enrichment to be suspended, not even for one day. the enrichment itself is nonnegotiable. the extent and level of enrichment is negotiable. for various reasons, we will not agree to ship even one gram of uranium outside of iran. >> his comments come before talks in geneva where iranians will get around the table with representatives from the u.s
Oct 8, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. they lost the popular vote in five of six elections for president. they know they have a lot of people who are jerry mannederge. and radical changes in the senate house, super majority requirement, gives extra power to the minority. the conversations would this hurt them in the next election? hurt them in the presidency? or hurt them holding the majority? you don't need a majority if your goal is sabotage. you don't. you can do it with the minority. you can do it in the senate with obstruction. in boehner's caucus, this guy must be lying, don't have the votes. we know he does. won't bring it to the floor. the bare majority, though they lost popularity in the house, works. we have systemic problems underlying it. what was most interesting about john boehner's staements tement. he doesn't believe it. several as go. he said the opposite, not deficit cutting, it was obama care. the deficit has been cut by half, the president said today. >> let's go to more what the president said in his news conference. he talked about the concept of ransom, something we are going to be hearing in every presid
Oct 13, 2013 3:00pm EDT
can so that -- safe seat. so that's about four hundred thousand dollars" primary or a general election. that is about $800,000 that all goes to one candidate from one forr because of the ability candidates to transfer money to each other. not legal, justice kagan. they do not have the ability to transfer money to each other. is $2600 toum another candidate per election. >> a candidate can transfer $2000 to a candidate for election. a hard contribution limit on how much they can contribute. but i think all of this also gets another problem which there is an overbreadth problem and if you are talking about the scenario come in your scenario, there's only one person who can even make contributions. after the first $2600 -- >> you're exactly right. ane person can make $800,000 commission to a house race. and then with these 150 candidates can do is they can do for every single other candidate in the contested seat. so take your 30 or 40 contested seats. and if it comes to conduit for a single person to make an $800,000 contribution to a candidate in a contested district. >> even if you acc
Oct 14, 2013 6:00pm EDT
as hypothetical assumes, i would be surprised if the federal election commission wouldn't come am you for rearm. >> let's say this one. you have 100 pacs, and each of them -- >> that's not right. >> support the five -- the dpief candidates in the most contested senate races. there are really only five contested senate races and 100 pacs say they're going to support those five candidates. so they give $5,000 to each of those 100 pacs which support those candidates, the pac divides up the money. $1,000 goes to each candidate. the total all of those pacs, $100,000 goes to each of the senate candidates in the five most contested races. twenty times when the individual contributions limits allow. >> a couple of responses to that, you know. we're talking about scenarios there isn't coordination at all between the first person who makes the contribution and the candidate later on that receiving it. >> the candidates knows all of his $100,000 donors. there are no that many of them. he can keep them in the head in the mental roll decks. >> they're not actually donors to him. they're contributing to a pa
Oct 13, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the cabinet. the president is surrounded by staff. in the house and senate, the leaders are actually elected by the people they are leading. so the people who do the elections have enormous authority to run around-- i mean, back when reagan was trying to pass his tax bill asht one point, packwood, the chair of the finance committee, was totally off the reservation, dook whatever he wanted to. we don't do the american people a service when we pretend that the congress is supposed to be orderly and rational. it is not. it's not the nature of it. >> one of the problems from the beginning is it's unclear what this fight is about. right? it was about defunding the obamacare, or at least delaying the individual mandate or whatever. the ball has kept moving. the american people don't know what this fight is about. they're not going to get their way. the republicans went into a fight they could not win. everyone around them except for a hand full of the people in the middle of it it knew they couldn't win it. what is it about? kim you made the point now we're into a debt ceiling fight, and that shou
Oct 10, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. this is a special election for the seat of frank lautenberg. >> good evening. welcome to all of you. we are one week away now from election day like no other and of course the stakes are huge. we are honored to be on the campus of rowan university and we want to thank our partners who made this possible from "the philadelphia inquirer" as well as telemundo as well as the candidates. democrat cory booker mayor of newark new jersey and steve lonegan former mayor of bogota. i will be asking them the questions along with panelists of news for new york and david from "the philadelphia inquirer." each candidate will get one minute. whew will give him a 152nd bill to let them know they're about to run out of time. some of those questions have come from you the viewers and we really appreciate your help. your work is not quite done because we want to encourage you to tweet about today's debate using the hashtag and matt jsen. we will not be tweeting but we encourage you to did tweet about the debate. we had a coin toss and the first question will be going to you mr. lonegan. as you know we are no
Oct 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
at elections? the supreme court will decide. >> politicians are always hungry for more money. right now we limit the ways they can get that money. but what mccutcheon wants to do is make it easier for politicians to get that money. >> and -- >> curiosity depends upon your imagining something different from what exists. this radical notion that we aren't bound by everything that we see and that we're told. >> announcer: funding is provided by -- carnegie corporation of new york, celebrating 100 years of philanthropy, and committed to doing real and permanent good in the world. the kohlberg foundation. independent production fund, with support from the partridge foundation, a john and polly guth charitable fund. the clements foundation. park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. the herb alpert foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. the bernard and audre rapoport foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. m
Al Jazeera America
Oct 14, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of the leadership, and a new presidential election that the taliban have pledged to disrupt with violence. we'll talk about all this tonight, but first, some background. >> what we have achieved in this agreement addresses the fundamental questions the president has raised about aggression, about support, about most importantly the protection of afghan people in their homes, in their lives. >> on saturday secretary of state john kerry revealed a partial agreement had been reached with afghanistan on the bilateral security accord, or the bsa. he spoke during his surprise trip to kabul. one matter lingered, however. the potentially deal-breaking issue of trial jurisdiction for american forces in afghanistan. >> we need to say that if the issue of jurisdiction cannot be resolved, then, unfortunately, there cannot be a bilateral security agreement. >> afghan president hamid karzai asserted the decision should be left up to his country's nation bodies. >> the issue of jurisdiction is one such issue that is beyond the authority of the afghan governme government. it is only and entirely up to the af
Oct 13, 2013 9:50am EDT
. [laughter] and then a miracle seem to be happening. america, america was about to elect, or not elect, a person of color as its president. what? my cushion shifted. then, too, and unsuspecting guests left the radio on and i learned that bombs were falling on the people of gaza. a mother, unconscious or so, had lost five of her daughters. didn't i have a daughter? what i have wanted to lose her in this way? wasn't i am other -- even if reportedly imperfect in that role? well, my cushion began to wobble. i had friends who became eggy and managed to stay eggy. i envy them. for me, the years following my 60th birthday seem to be about teaching me something else. that, yes, i could become like a child again and enjoyed all the pleasures of wonder a child experiences. but i would have to attempt to maintain this joy in the vicissitudes of the actual world, as opposed to the meditated universe i had created, with its calming, ever flowing, fountain. my travels will take me to the celebrations in washington, d.c., where our new president, barack obama would be inaugurated. they would carry me
Oct 12, 2013 1:00pm PDT
an unmitigated political disaster for the gop. >> you could have a democratic wave if the elections were this november. >> these are horrifying finger losing numbers for republicans. >> i don't know what this deal is. we're here to learn. >> on october 1st they rigged the rules of the house in order to keep the government shutdown. >> talk to republican leadership? we went over their heads to the american people. >> ted cruz is a fraud. >> we must stop it. we cannot accept it. >> knuckleheads. >> the house needs to keep doing what it's been doing which is stranding strong. >> in this republican government shutdown hurting the children of america. >> certainly hurting us. we make no apologies. >> this is madness. >> you still haven't figured out what it's all about, have you? >> starting to feel like this ending. >> no deal as far as we're concerned. >> surprise! >> let me get one wave before you take me. >> thank you and god bless you. >> this hour, the president is in a meeting at the white house with senate democratic leadership to discuss the ongoing negotiations. the meeting which wa
Al Jazeera America
Oct 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
during an election cycle. in this new case, mccutcheon challenges the two-year campaign cycle total contribution. currently an individual can only donate $2,600 to any one candidate in a two-year cycle, and cannot give more than a total of $48,000 to all candidates. mccutcheon is not valleying the individual limit on candidate donations but rather the overall cap. mccutcheon is also challenging the donation to political action committees which is just under $75,000 per cycle. what mccutcheon wants to do is exercise his first amendment right to free speech. he argues the contribution limits are an unconstitutional burden. when president obama met reporters yesterday to discuss the government shutdown he did bring up campaign finance. >> i continue to believe that citizens united contributed to some of the problems we're having in washington right now. you have some ideological extremist who is have a big bankroll and they can entirely skew our politics. >> shaun mccutcheon is an ar an ardent republican. i sat down with shaun mccutcheon. he shared what it was like to be in the presenc
Oct 8, 2013 8:00am EDT
anything bumping because you are up against midterm elections and now the guy is a lame duck. i want this to happen. just tell me how it is going to happen. >> today 2000 latinos turned 18. asians, hispanics, african- americans, overwhelmingly for barack obama. that's not going to change until they do something about our broken immigration system, and what do we know? turn 1856,000 latinos every month. 2 million more hispanics voted in 2012. you saw the resounding results. you remember of election night everyone woke up and said, there are millions of them and voting, and barack and everyone is giving them credit for the next election for president of the united states? we know this is an ongoing struggle, and it had a culmination. the ugliness of the immigration political fostered activity in our community. let me go back to washington. racism he had to confront, it gave me no choice but to respond or to basically be a liar to myself. 1980ad to make a choice in three in chicago. latinos are making decisions. asians are making decisions. i think this president can do a lot more. i ha
Oct 14, 2013 10:00pm PDT
the debt ceiling all the way through the next election because they don't want to have this issue to be used as ransom, if you will. and republicans wanted to do a shorter debt ceiling increase because they do want to use that issue as leverage for all of the things that they want in the future. entitlement reform, tax reform. anything that they can get as a broader deal, dealing with the debt and deficit. so that is a bit of a change, but with regard to reopening the government, the framework of this deal seems to be pass a bill, fund the government until january 15th, and making sure that budget negotiators have a deadline before the month of december, so the hope is we don't have this crisis again, that they actually do their work, put together a deal that lasts throughout the crisis. and the government would be funded throughout january. >> and it seems, dana, there are issues on the table, is there a possibility -- the senate democratic leaders have refused such a thing in the past. >> it seems like a real probability, this is from sources in both parties, anderson, even some
Oct 14, 2013 10:00pm EDT
a piece for reelection. so what does this tell us about the 1932 election outcome? >> guest: at first to stand for the election, he is not necessarily committed to running for reelection during that time. the idea of the incumbent president actively seeking the election is a little bit unseemly and herbert hoover had immense respect for them in the office that he holds. so he decides that he was going to make a couple of speeches and was going to be very dignified and restrained and then overcome this in the fall of 1932 that he had been in serious trouble. and then in september, maine was a traditional republican territory and this was again a pre-opinion poll of time and an indication that he was in trouble. so he then essentially embarked upon what we would call crisscrossing the country and getting a number of addresses and returns home to his home in palo alto to wait out the results and it is a landslide against him. it is almost bigger than the one in this area. so it is a very rapid turnaround for a man to have such high hopes. >> host: how old was she in that election? >> gue
FOX News
Oct 10, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and the house number are the same for the budget. even after we won the election they want us going forward. >> i don't know. >> what they wanted was defund, delay, the end of special exemptions. the democrats wouldn't take them up. >> to blame and shame the pubs and demonize them, but they are making the choices that are awful, offensive, disrespectful to the military, the veterans, this country and what we stand for. they have no shame. it just did you want matter. >> republicans could have all these things restored tomorrow. >> here's the problem. you ought to be embarrassed the to come on and say, i'm okay. >> shame on you. >> with world war ii vets in wheelchairs, the greatest generation fighting for freedom that they would have to use the wheelchairs to tear it down. be embarrassed about that. you said you're fine with it. you said you're fine. >> i don't want any of it. if we are shutting down the government what's shut down? just poor people getting food? >> did you have a problem with this in the '80s when tip oh kneel used it to get the 86 accord? did you have a problem in '90 whe
Oct 8, 2013 10:00pm EDT
the elections. i will tell you how relevant that is. has you know, the government of the united states shut down hundreds of thousands of workers affecting millions of people and they are not getting the services they need. right now every seats in the house of representatives their people that are threatened that if they vote for eight clean continuing resolution that the sums of money would be used against them in the next election we're living in a society where a handful of people with incredible sums of money like that koch brothers and others are undermining what this democracy is supposed to be about. the bottom line is if we do not want to move this nation to an oligarchy form of society for the outcome of these elections it is imperative not only that we overturned citizens united but put a lid on how much people can contribute with the elections. [applause] freedom of speech, in my view does not mean the freedom to buy the united states government. think you very much. [cheers and applause] >> give it up again for senators sanders. now another wonderful friend of the movement. [ap
Oct 7, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, i campaigned across this country all through 2012, said elect mitt romney and the majority in the house and senate, and we'll de-fund, replace and repeal obama care. and now, some of us are being accused of not being committed enough or being zealous enough, or being squishes. frankly i kind of resent that. >> i want you to imagine that you're two people for a minute. one, the president of the united states, and two, the speaker. if you were speaker boehner, what would you do to try to get through this? >> i think it is very difficult to say. because i'm a great admirer of the speaker, and it is very tough begin the divisions within his confines. i don't say under any circumstances that we debate the debt. as i think i saw him say on the sunday talk show. as far as the president is concerned i really think the president is not helping himself by not doing serious negotiations, particularly about the debt. the president should be doing what bill clinton did in 1995 and calling these people over to the white house, sitting down, having a conversation, and maybe they can't fin
Oct 13, 2013 7:00pm EDT
factors caused by elected officials. guest: there was the poll in terms of the confidence in congress down five percent. tom used to joke when it was at 11%, that was family and friends. i'm not sure who thinks congress is doing a job right now. guest: it could be the members. guest: you hear now over the next four or five days, tough old veterans harry reid and mitch mcdonnell, they are going to make a deal. i'm not sure what the deal is going to be. this is not the way the government should be run. it should not be closed-door meetings with a couple old guys who have been through the wars. ultimately the republicans have a real problem here because they will not put anything on the floor of the house. i understand the difficulty, but at some point you've got to say, ok, it's not worth being speaker -- guest: i think what you are referring to is the fact that whatever comes up is going to have majority support within the republican conference. host: a comment from twitter. stella says "the fact is they knew this was coming and took their july, august vacations and the labor day long weeke
FOX News
Oct 8, 2013 2:00pm PDT
important battle for the go gop. >> you look at the past four elections, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. two of the last four were a disaster for republicans. the only year a good year for republicans was 2010 when we painted in bold colors, not pastel paste pastels, we stood for principle. i think winning this fight right now is the most important thing we can do to see significant victories in 2014. >> on the other side, nbc's chuck todd sees a silver lining for democrats. >> if things really went off the cliff and the economy went down and the republicans are bearing the brunt, it would mean the democrats would have to win the quote-unquote generic ballot by eight, 9, 10 points. that happens in wave elections. it's more possible than i think some people give it credit for. >> all right. who's right. dana, you look at the current landscape, it's tough to tell what could happen in 2014. do you think to ted cruz's point, republicans with obamacare have something to coalesce around and something to run on? >> definitely. as bob knows, when it comes to who is right, the answer is dana always.
Oct 8, 2013 1:00am PDT
carolina, was pretty centrist district. not impossible for a democrat to get elected there. more than 40% democrats in the district he got elected. including asheville, north carolina. all and all, the west, this western north carolina district. 11th district. big district. relatively rural south. for heath shuler to run there and win there, he had to run as a conservative. he ran as a democrat but as a conservative democrat. anti-gay rights, pro gun rights, anti-abortion. highest level member of the conservative blue dog democratic caucus. at one point, heath shuler refused to say he would vote for nancy pelosi as leader of the democrats in the house. asked who might be a better alternative he suggested himself. so heath shuler got elected in 2006. re-elected in 2008. re-elected in 2010. in 2010 that was a big year. a census year and the year of the big republican takeover coast to coast. and what republicans did with the census data and control of state government in north carolina was that they redrew heath shuler's congressional district. so that no democrat, no matter how conservati
Oct 9, 2013 6:00am PDT
obama care. that's after a 2012 election where i traveled this country with passion, saying the first thing we are going to do as president of the united states is repeal obama care and the american people spoke. how is this going to end some we know how it's going to end. sooner or later the government will resume its functions. sooner or later we will raise the debt limit. why don't we do this sooner rather than later? why doesn't the senate lead? >> the president is also trying to introduce his argument into the conservative media world. a source familiar with the meeting and the president met for 90 minutes for an off the record chat with five journalists who have conservative audiences you see there. robert costa and familiar faces. one of the favorites. the democratic leader in the house called the shut down highly improbable. that was two weeks ago. i am joined by the congressman who said those words of south carolina and congressman clyburn, good morning to you. >> thank you so much for having me. you pick up the papers this morning and you have been around a long time. read t
Oct 11, 2013 2:00am EDT
something about it. if this were a month out from the election. but we're not a month out from the election. >> i got that. >> you got more than a year. >> governor rendell, you've been through a lot of elections. let's talk about this. one number that struck me, not just the tilt against republicans. the country's really angry. you can hear it in the comedians' voices, the public. they're ticked. 78% of the american people, four out of five, now believe this country is headed in the wrong direction. i've never seen such unity of opinion that whatever is going on in d.c. right now they don't like. >> and it's solely driven by the politics, not by the economy or anything else. solely driven by our inability to function as a government. and the republicans are bearing the brunt of this. it's not just the nbc poll. gallup says 28% of people feel favorable of the republican party. down from 30% last month. 62% unfavorable. those are crushing numbers. crushing numbers. >> let me go back to michael. you've had experience in the republican party. you've led it in the past. it seems to me like it's
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